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1) Hardware

We are providing quite a bit of hardware for free, for students to keep. We expect you to treat the hardware components with care. The hardware should always be in the carrying case unless using it. We will replace the first components that you lose or damage for free. Students will be required to purchase subsequent hardware components that are lost or broken. Please be aware that the one-time free replacement is for any single piece of hardware. For example, if a student loses the OLED screen, we will replace it. If they then break an IMU board, that board cost must be reimbursed by the student.

In addition, feel free to use the hardware for your own projects. Just make sure to not do anything that prevents use for the class. Also, we won't have the resources to help debug hardware issues that arise if you take the system apart and are unable to put it back together.

2) The server

In this class you will be writing code that will run on a server. Any attempts to write malicious code on the server will result in a course grade of F and referral to the Committee on Discipline.

3) Database code of conduct

Tutor exercises, labs, design exercises, and the final project may make use of shared databases. Submitting derogatory, inflammatory, or profane content to the database will result in a 0 for that assignment. Repeated infractions will result in referral to the Committee on Discipline.