Spring 2019: 6.08

This is preview/landing page for the upcoming Spring 2019 offering of 6.08 (formerly 6.S08): Interconnected Embedded Systems.

Spring 2018: 6.08

This is preview/landing page for the upcoming Spring 2018 offering of 6.08 (formerly 6.S08): Interconnected Embedded Systems.

Spring 2017 project video

To get a good sense of what you'll end up doing in 6.08, here is a short video showing a smattering of final projects from the Spring 2017 offering.

Course overview

6.08 strives to expose its students to a breadth of EECS concepts by working within an infrastructure of mobile embedded systems, and engineering across different platforms.

From the MIT Registrar:

Introduction to embedded systems in the context of connected devices, wearables and the "Internet of Things" (IoT). Topics include microcontrollers, energy utilization, algorithmic efficiency, interfacing with sensors, networking, cryptography, and local versus distributed computation. Students design, make, and program an internet-connected wearable or handheld device. In final project, student teams design and demo their own cloud-connected IoT system. Enrollment limited; preference to first- and second-year students.

Spring Schedule

In the Spring of 2018, lecture will be held in Monday at 1pm (54-100). All students should expect to need to attend lecture. In addition, as a student you will be assigned a lab section to attend by the course staff (ignore the registrar's section assignments). The current plan is to have three lab sections (time slots) set up, which will occur Tuesday and Thursday in 2.5-hour blocks. Students will be assigned to a matching section on each day (e.g., section 1 on Tuesday and section 1 on Thursday) since many labs span the course of a week and we need to keep consistent partnering, which is an important part of the course. You must be able to attend the full 2.5 hour slot for your chosen section (no leaving 30 minutes early), and while not every lab session may take the full 2.5 hours, that does not mean you can plan to miss portions of a section. While we will try to fit every student into their desired section time, because of space and teaching resource limitations there is no guarantee you'll be able to get your most preferred section.

Lab Sections:


Although programming is not a formal prerequisite (it didn't make it into the registrar's page in time), we will be assuming 6.S080-level knowledge of Python programming. We thus strongly recommend that you take 6.S080 or 6.00001 or equivalent prior to 6.08, as we will not spend time teaching basic Python. This is based both of teaching staff recommendation and former student recommendations. We will also be teaching C/C++, and there is no need to know that language in advance, but having prior programming experience will make that experience easier (hence our strong recommendation mentioned above). You also need a laptop and must be willing to install a few widely-available development programs.


We hope to be able to accommodate all interested students for Spring 2018. Depending on interest and staffing, we'll determine by mid-January whether we need to run a lottery. If so, we'll alert pre-registered students at that time. If we do run a lottery, preference will be given to first- and second-year students, especially students who pre-registered but didn't win the lottery in Spring 2017.


We'll be looking for LAs for 6.08. More info on that will be posted in January.

Further Questions?

Got further questions? Email the staff: (voldman AT mit.edu and jodalyst AT mit.edu)