6.S08 Spring 2017

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Welcome to 6.S08!

Important Announcements:

  1. Enrollment and Lottery: The Spring 2017 offering is capped at 180 students. We have already run a lottery and filled the class up. We have also filled the waitlist and will not be accepting any more students into the class or onto the waitlist. Due to limited space and resources in the classroom and the lab, and out of fairness to those who are enrolled, we ask that you not attend the lab unless you have been granted a spot in the class.
  2. Piazza: We will be using Piazza for all course-related discussion this semester. Because we will also be making announcements through Piazza, you must sign up as a 6.S08 student on Piazza.
  3. Information, Policies, and Collaboration: Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the course information and policies, available from the links above.


There will be at least two design exercises available each week through the week (4/3-4/9), not including Spring Break.

Week Lecture Tu Lab Thu Lab Readings/Exercises
Week 1
02/06 -

Intro OLED and Basics Audio Programming and Audio
Week 2
02/13 -

Communications WiFi Google Speech Discrete Time, and Classes
Week 3
02/20 -

No lecture No lab IMU IMU
Week 4
02/27 -

Sensors GPS intro geofencing Wikipedia & GPS
Week 5
03/06 -

Energy and Power I Geofencing Cont'd Places Signal Processing and Energy
Week 6
03/13 -

Snow Day Snow Day Energy I, Sleep I Power, Game, and FSM
Week 7
03/20 -

Energy and Power II Energy & Power II Energy & Power III Energy & Power
Week 8
03/27 -

Spring break
Week 9
04/03 -

Cryptography Cryptography I Cryptography II Cryptography
Week 10
04/10 -

No Lecture TUESDAY: Office hrs in lab
WEDNESDAY: Midterm Exam 7:30-9:30 PM

Project Updates in Lab
Final Project